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These images and captions tell the tales of my wilderness experiences in Northern BC.  Some people thought I was nuts to venture into such remote locations and rough-it in the bush for months on end.  I have to admit, I was afraid to leave my comfort zone and experienced many a moment of self-doubt before finally bitin' the bullet and hittin' the trail.  


The reality of living in the wild can be hard, treachorous and thankless work.  Some days you find yourself in the strangest of pickles.  Meeting a bear while looking for the horses, braving extreme weather conditions while spiking out or landing waist deep in a muddy sink hole with no one around to throw you a line. Yes, there can be many precarious situations, but the good times, the joy, laughter and comraderie definitely outweigh the tears.  The trails open your eyes to some of the most breathtaking country that few people ever get to see and provides an opportunity to shed some layers, calm the chatter, overcome challenges and get back to what's really important; the simple things, an appreciation for nature, love for oneself and others.  


I guess this just goes to show that anything is possible, even the stuff beyond your wildest dreams.  



​Collingwood Bros. - Northwest, BC- Fall 2014
Year 4 as a Wrangler, 25 Days in the Historical and Spectacular Spatsizi Plateau Wilderness Provincial Park
​Tahltan Outfitters - Northwest, BC- Fall 2013
Year 3 as a Wrangler, 7 Day Trail Ride-in with 2 Special Guests, Followed by 6 Weeks of Love & Adventure
​Tahltan Outfitters - Northwest, BC- Fall 2012
Year 2 as a Wrangler with Dad as the Cook, Hired on at an Outfit dear to my heart.
​Prophet Muskwa - Northern Rockies - Fall 2011
My Very First Wrangling Job, 3 Months in the Wild
​McBride, BC to Jasper, AB Backcountry Expedition - Summer 2011

10 Days, 2 Cowgirls, 4 Horses, 1 Jimmy Dog

​WagonTrail Ranch - Smithers - Spring 2011

3 Days, 14 Friends & Family, 50 Horses, 1 Memorable Birthday Gathering

Wilderness Guiding & Wrangling Course - Smithers - Spring 2010

30 Days, 12 Students, 52 Horses, A Handful of Amazing Instructors, 1 Certification & A Bunch of Tickets

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